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Adopted by the Town of Ethan on July 21, 2008.

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3 Revised Water Utilities and Services
2.3.6 Regular Meetings
5.2.3 Classifications and Fees
10.1.15 Disturbance of Peace by Animals
8.2.3 Stairs, Railings and Grates
8.2.5 Nuisance Buildings
8.2.6 Right of Entry
8.2.7 Abatement
8.2.8 Conflict of Ordinances
6.6.1 Definitions
6.6.2 General Operation
6.6.3 Operator
6.6.4 Registration
New Ordinance 16 Northwestern Corporation
4.5.2 Plow Routes
10.1.4 Animal License
10.1.5 Animal License Application
6.4.2 Snowmobile, Golf Cart, ATV on Right of Way
6.4.3 Snowmobile, Golf Cart, ATV License
10.1.6 Animal License Fee
10.1.14 Animals Running At Large
8.2.4 Adoption of the Property Maintenance Code
7.1.7 Debris and Grass on City Streets


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